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Press resources are intended for anyone interested in writing about Atlaz. If you need more information, feel free to contact our Marketing Team [email protected]. If you have technical questions related to the use of Atlaz, please reach out to our Customer Support Team, [email protected]

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About Atlaz

Short Description

Atlaz is the complete project management platform for Agile teams. From dashboards, tasks and checklists to communication, reporting, time and progress tracking, Atlaz has everything a team needs to move the project forward.

Long Description

Atlaz is the complete project management platform for Agile teams. There is no longer a need to balance multiple management tools in one company. Atlaz provides a panoramic view of all collaboration process between cross-functional teams and help unlock their full potential by prioritizing, managing backlog and detecting bottlenecks.

Atlaz integrates all processes and projects under one solution and enables task planning, issue and progress tracking, time tracking with reports, resource management, transparent team communication and much more.

As lightweight as Trello, but with a variety of additional features, that can meet needs of any Kanban or Scrum team. As scalable as Jira, but designed for all teams in a company from development to accountancy.

Brand Guidelines


Feel free to use our logos to refer to Atlaz. The logo can be used in any of the proposed colors; however, blue on white is preferable.



Feel free to use Atlaz screenshots for demonstration purposes. Please contact us to request more product images.


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74 New Montgomery St # 702, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

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For any press inquires contact [email protected]

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