Product Updates Posts

Manage Projects Smarter with Members Filter and Other Сool Improvements


There is nothing like knowing that our users love to use Atlaz on a daily basis. And today we are glad to introduce updates that will make your work with Atlaz web and mobile versions even more intuitive and effective!

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Master Your Project Scheduling with Roadmap Board


It’s always thrilling to launch new features, and today we are more than thrilled to inform you that we have finally introduced the Roadmap board! And it doesn’t stop there: we are glad to share with you a new Version tasks page and Admin Starter Guide. Let’s have a look!

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Pick out the best ideas with Backlog Priority Chart


Atlaz Team is happy to introduce Backlog Priority Chart. Never was backlog management as easy as it is now!

Whether you are a small startup or an established SaaS company, a digital agency or a game development company, you once get into a situation when you have too many product ideas and customer feedback. How to organize and sort them and not get lost in between? Use the Backlog board to store, rate, sort and plan the features for the next release.

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