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A Quick Guide to Issue Tracking Software


The process of software development is fraught with difficulties. Partially that is because of the complexity of modern software. Developers can make mistakes in the initial code regardless of the methodology they use. These mistakes turn into serious errors if they occur in the final product. That is why they should be detected in the process of testing.

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Issue Tracker Applications


If you are a software developer, you definitely use issue tracking applications. That is because of the fact that software development is a complex industry and programmers often make mistakes while writing the initial code of the product. Issue tracking applications are required to detect these errors and other issues that can be improved. Many beginners in software development wonder: “What is an issue tracking application?” In this article we will try to answer it properly. But before doing that we must find the definition for an issue in software development.

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What is Issue Management?


Many modern software developers are interested in a question: “What is issue management?” In this article we will help you answer it properly. The term “issue management” cannot be defined without understanding what an issue is.

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Issue Management Definition


Wherever we read about software project management, we see references to issue management. That is because of the fact that it is extremely important to create a high quality software product. Regardless of the methodology you use, your product has lots of issues. Usually they occur when the initial code is written. Software development is an extremely complex process. That is why programmers often make mistakes. These mistakes become errors in the initial code. At the stage of product testing they are usually called issues. A high quality software product should not contain issues. Of course, it is hard to create such products, because nothing is perfect. But you have to work on achieving this goal. Your final product should contain as few issues as possible.

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Bug and Issue Management Software


Modern software development industry has lots of bug and issue management software. That is because of the fact that issue and bug tracking is one of the most important things in software projects. Every software product has lots of issues and bugs. You can do nothing about it, because developers make mistakes just like other people. However, you can detect bugs and issues and fix them.

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