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How to Use Agile to Attract Top Engineering Talents


Shipping great software requires more than just hiring top software engineers. You need to recruit, retain and motivate them to solve new problems in creative and efficient ways. For modern IT organisation that are always hungry for talents, agile can become the key to attracting and retaining top tech pros.

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10 Tricky Questions Project Managers Should be Prepared for in a Job Interview


Job interviews are often even more stressful than the new job itself. This is especially true for project managers as the PM role differs from company to company in terms of responsibilities and the level of accountability. Most candidates expect to be asked about their strengths, weaknesses and skills. But there are often a couple of tricky questions that you’d better think over and prepare to answer in advance.

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Is Agile Work Environment Right for Your Company? Check These 6 Signs


Adopting an agile work environment is all about optimising the use of office space. It means transitioning from workstations for each employee to shared spaces that workers use as needed. What you gain is more than just saving money – it gives your company competitive advantages and helps stand out from the competitors.

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5 Secrets to Creating a Winning Project Management Resume


Companies receive more than 75 resumes on average for their open positions. 98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only 2% of candidates make it to the interview. So the question is how to get into the “top 2%”?

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10 Tips to Rock Your Next Software Developer Interview


Many talented developers find it difficult to get through a job interview. The problem is that they often spend much time focusing on what they’re passionate about, and little or no time preparing and brushing up on their interview skills.

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