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7 Surefire Ways to Deliver Quality Applications Faster


Many entrepreneurs find it frustrating to be involved in the application development process from the business side. In fact, collaboration between business and IT is a problem for many enterprises that has a negative impact on delivery speed and the overall project success.

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What is Defect Tracking System?


Defect tracking is widely used by the software development teams regardless of the methodology they prefer. Perhaps it is the most important part of every software development project. In this article we will tell you what is defect tracking and how is it conducted. To answer these questions we have, first of all, to realize what are defects in software development and why they occur.

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Choose Defect Reporting System For Your Project


Defect reporting and tracking system is a compulsory means of any software development project. Defects (or bugs) occur constantly during the team’s work. That is because all people make mistakes. You cannot do anything about that. All you can do is to find these mistakes and fix them. Defects are actually errors in the initial code. The final product may work improperly because of them. That is why all errors should be found at the stage of testing. Different software development projects include different models of testing. However, usually it is conducted at the final stage of work. The product can be tested either by the users or by the team. Defect reporting is the main stage in software testing. It is conducted after all defects are found.

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Defect Tracking Essentials


Defect tracking is probably the most important thing in every software development project. Maybe it is even the most important issue in the entire software development industry. That is because of the specific features of software industry. Software development projects are usually extremely complex. They become more intricate year after year because of the technical progress. More complex applications require more complex codes. It means that the code of any software product may contain lots of bugs. Sometimes there are thousands of them. That makes defect tracking and reporting the most important issue for software developers.

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Bug Reporting System: How It Works


Bug reporting system is an extremely important thing to every software development project. Bugs occur constantly in the process of software creation. They must be detected and fixed in time. Otherwise they may occur in the final product. And if the final product delivered to the customer contains bugs it loses its competitive advantages in the software market. That is why bug detection and fixing are very important for every team of software developers. A good bug reporting system may make your project’s performance simpler. Before describing the main features of bug reporting systems we should find out what a bug report actually is.

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