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Paul Fawcett is an Atlaz Architect with over five years of experience in guiding developers to follow the best agile practices and standards. Paul works closely with the team members to continuously improve development processes and design solutions that generate the most business value and help our clients succeed.

How to Win Over Investors for Your Startup – Part 2


In the previous article, we discussed preparation activities before pitching your business for funding, different types of investors and how to find and connect with them.

In Part 2, we’ll have a look at how you can create a perfect pitch to attract potential investors and the most common reasons why pitching fails.

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How to Win Over Investors for Your Startup – Part 1


If you ever pitched startup investors, you know how hard it is. Investors want to bet on a winning horse – company that will become profitable in the long-term. Nobody wants to lose money but that’s the risk you take betting on horse races. And the same applies to investing in startups.

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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Sprint Length for Your Project


Magic comes from the heart, and the heart of Scrum is the sprint. Many teams choose their sprint length without too much thought. And chances are it will works out. In optimism we trust after all.

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5 Things IT Managers Should Understand about Agile Development


We’ve all heard that a million times before: agile approaches can help create better software faster. For IT managers and developers it means creating high-quality bug-free software that meets or exceeds user expectations, and delivering it on time and within budget. So how can agile make these goals achievable?

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Agile Project Management: A Quick Start Guide for Beginners


If you’re new to project management and agile, there are many different aspects you have to consider to effectively apply the agile methodology to your business. This might seem overwhelming for beginners, so we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions that cover the agile basics every PM freshman needs to know.

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