Atlaz Blog Authors


Jack Foxford

As the Head of Ecosystem, Jack Foxford is inspired to build long-standing relationships with developers and partners to deliver world-class product solutions. Being higly experienced in engaging with developer communities, Jack has a strong working proficiency in defining the overall ecosystem strategy, and works closely with the product organization to ensure that key feature requirements make it onto the development plan.


Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood is an Atlaz Development Manager with strong experience in finance and business management. His deep understanding of marketing principles and excellent analytical skills help identify trendesetting ideas, evealuate risks and find the best potentials for partners’ needs and goals.


Jeff Colville

As the Head of Engineering, Jeff Colville takes part in creating practical, cost-effective product solutions. Jeff’s problem solving skills and keen analytical abilities as well as deep undertanding of new technologies and cutting edge development methods, ensure that the team will meet customer specifications and complete the project on time and in an efficient manner.


William Pierce

As an Atlaz project manager, William is responsible for running multiple projects through the entire lifecycle from defining the scope to the product release. To be successful in his work, William focuses on continuous learning and process improvement. He knows how to balance the art of communication with the science of planning which helps him ensure that every project will be delivered on time and within budget.


Henry Druker

Henry Druker is an Atlaz Product Manager passionate about delivering product solutions with cutting edge features and functionality. Henry’s analytical skills, problem-solving experinece and entrepreneurial mindset help him define the very essence of a product and optimize it to meet customer expectations and achive business goals while maximizung return on investment.


Paul Fawcett

Paul Fawcett is an Atlaz Architect with over five years of experience in guiding developers to follow the best agile practices and standards. Paul works closely with the team members to continuously improve development processes and design solutions that generate the most business value and help our clients succeed.