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Startup Founders, Let’s Take Care of Investors


1. How can we tell that our startup is ready to accept external investment? We don’t come to an investor with a spending plan – our desire that they will accept the investment. We come with a plan for how and when we are going to return the investment and how much it will be worth. That is what it means to be “ready”.

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Saving Time and Allowing Better Estimates with Atlaz Newest Update


We love introducing new features to make Atlaz even better and easier to use. This time we’ve covered board filters, task linking, comment threads, board templates and much more. Let’s dive into the details of the latest improvements.

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Scrum vs Kanban: Pointless Fights All Agile Teams Have


I saw many Scrum teams that moved to Kanban. They said they got many reasons to do that. Here are the most popular ones:

  • “Scrum doesn’t work for us. Let’s try Kanban.”
  • “Scrum meetings take too much time.”
  • “Scrum retrospectives are so annoying. They look more like a club of anonymous complainers.”
  • “Kanban is simple as ABC. You only need a board with three columns: To Do, Doing, Done.”

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Keep Team Workflow in Sync with Slack Integration, Timesheet Export and More


You asked, we listened. And today we are excited to announce our major update – Slack integration! From helping you stay in sync to keeping the entire team up to date with the latest progress, it will change the way you work and make you so much more productive.

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5 Lies Project Managers Tell Themselves that Make Teamwork Fail


Think about the role of a project manager: how much easier would it be if you had to manage projects without the ‘people part’? Sounds soooo good, right? But when it comes to project management, people are part of the package – and the problem is, the package doesn’t have an instruction. You have to figure out yourself how to unpack and make it work.

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